Categoría: Illustration

  • Aprendiendo con Montessori

    Aprendiendo con Montessori

    Collaboration with Aprendiendo con Montessori shop. Designing, illustration and layouting of the book: 365 actividades para jugar en familia sin pantallas. There is more book info in Aprendiendo con Montessori blog. Designing posters and download materials for family day-to-day.

  • Fantastic heraldry

    Fantastic heraldry

    Illustrations for the 12 family houses of a youth novel project. Fantastic world based on alchemy. All the symbology and colours should follow the European heraldry rules.

  • Señor Ocre personal project

    Señor Ocre personal project

    One tale with illustration per day for three months. Illustrtions, design and layout of the book Cuéntenos un cuento señor ocre, a recopilation of almost 80 tales. Find more tales in

  • Theater projects

    Theater projects

    Several collaborations with Cataclàs theater group for children. Designing clothes, escenographies, project animations, assets and posters for the different plays as: La Gran Muralla, La LLegenda del Drac i la Princesa, T’he agafat Caputxeta!, Història d’una cirera and Nassos, nassos, nassis.

  • El buscador de historias

    El buscador de historias

    Illustrations for a youth novel about the power of imagination.

  • Character designs

    Character designs

    Selection of character designs for different variety of projects: t-shirts, website, web application, mascot,…